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Stryene and pure acrylic emulsions for wood, metal, ink, leather etc.


Aquafilla products are a range of high performance "stucco" type fillers, they are creamy white paste of high viscosity, and can be used as a flexible filler to cover deep defects, e.g. scratches, brand-marks etc, on the leather or other surfaces. After subsequent finishing, these defects will then appear almost invisible.


Are a range of casein binders of various different properties and uses, offering a combination of modern, technically advanced, whilst retaining traditional formulatory values. The range is produced with only the highest quality of casein to instil quality and consistency to the product and offer the finishers a complete range to suit all their requirements.


Merithane polyurethanes form a range of versatile, high performing and sophisticated P.U. Dispersions. They combine high performance with a wide ranging composition of properties to suit all leathers and requirements, for use in base and top coats. Solvent based versions are also available on request.


Mericryl products are a complete and versatile range of acrylic emulsions for many different industries, such as leather finishing, surface coating, adhesives and wood finishes, they are competively priced and usable in all types of application.


Meribases are medium viscosity blends of various compounds to provide stable, ready to use, fully formulated base coat compacts, offering ease and simplicity to the finisher. They have a wide range of properties and uses and as with all Yorchem products, we can tailor each product to individual customers requirements.


Meriwax is a complete range of wax based additives for a wide variety of different purposes and effects and specifically designed for the use in leather finishing.


A range of different feel agents and additives to give varied surface touch alterations to most types of coatings. From very slippery to waxy and draggy.


Aliphatic and aromatic, polyurethane dispersions for wood, ink and leather.


Solvent based acrylic solutions, for paints to electro deposition coatings


A comprehensive range of aftercare products, from polishes and waxes to inetrior cleaners and conditioners. Available in 100ml pack sizes up to IBC s. Available in customer specific branding.